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The shortest days of the year used to be spent under the glaring lights in the office, followed by glaring headlights on the road going home. Now, for many of us, it means sitting in the glow of our home computers while the rest of the house slips into darkness. Without a reminder that it's time to call it a day and bid goodnight to our fellow workers, we seem to

lose track of time and try to finish one more proposal, read one more article, and answer one more email before realizing how late it is.

However, we are slowly returning to our offices, whether it's 2 or 3 or 5 days a week, and while we may curse having to go out on those cold, dark nights again to get home, we may also be bundling up with a smile on our faces, as we once again say goodnight to our coworkers and renew our sense of BELONGING.

Wishing you the warmth of friendship and family as we approach the winter season...

A Perfect Fall Event – "Better Together" at Trillium!

With almost 50 members and guests in attendance on October 20th, we celebrated our first in-person event since the start of the pandemic at Trillium Brewing in Canton. The agenda was simple – Have a beer. Meet and greet. Talk a little 'shop.' Make plans to catch up soon! A few photos capture the beautiful outdoor venue and the happy chance to see friends old and new. We look forward to hosting future events and opportunities to keep you abreast of the benefits world and network with others. If you have a favorite indoor or outdoor venue you want to suggest for future events, please let us know. Thank you to our annual sponsors for making the Trillium event possible, and for coming out to join us! org, indicating that you either APPROVE or DO NOT APPROVE of the proposed leadership. Please do so by June 29, 2021. The proposed slate is attached here for your review. Send your vote in today!

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